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We ship from and to major ports in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and Black Sea area.

DRIJA Trans Srl provides container transportation of all types and sizes of containers to and from sea ports all over Europe.

Our extensive network enables us to deliver large numbers of containers to destinations quickly and efficiently. We advise our clients to make use of the many inland terminals with road, water and rail connections, so that containers can be delivered to their destination on a one-way basis, which saves costs and limits dead mileage. Also, DRIJA Trans Srl is always on the lookout for clients who wish to combine their imports and exports.

The transported goods consist of both High Value Cargo and General Cargo. Containers can also be equipped with Genset or ADR if required.
All DRIJA Trans Srl systems are linked to those of the large container terminals, so that we can at all times make use of all the relevant information of the organisation to fine-tune the logistics chain to an optimum. This also enables us to keep our clients fully informed with real time information.

DRIJA Trans Srl transports High Value and Vulnerable cargo, and we have a wide range of resources and procedures available to help us do so quickly and efficiently. We take our standard procedures for truck and freight security very seriously, applying TAPA EMEA TSR 1 and TSR 2 standards. Clients may also have their own security procedures, and we are happy to adapt our service accordingly.
All trucks are equipped with an advanced GPRS/GPS track-and-trace system, and drivers are able to operate the CMR from any location using their on-board computer.

We provide intermodal transport services between the Black Sea and the North Sea. Intermodal transport is becoming increasingly important in the supply chain. Reasons for this include traffic congestion, high fuel prices, toll fees, reduction of dead mileage, growing demand for ecological transport, increasing globalisation, and the liberalisation of the European rail network. Modal shift is in full swing and it will only continue to develop even further.

Connections we offer:

  • From Ploiesti to Duisburg, Rotterdam / Antwerp and v.v
  • From Budapest to Duisburg,Rotterdam/Antwerp and v.v
  • From Vienna to Duisburg, Rotterdam/Antwerp and v.v
  • From Ludwigshaven to Duisburg,Rotterdam/Antwerp and v.v

DRIJA Trans Srl and their partners provides various container line services that connect the sea ports of Constanta, Rotterdam and Antwerp to one another and to the hinterland. At the moment, we have two business locations, one in Odessa, Ukraine, and another in Constanta, Romania. Each office has a team of dedicated employees, each with their own specialty in the field of logistics.

Airfreight is often the best way to get your goods quickly and efficiently to all destinations all over the world. We have a network of more than 220 partners in 90 countries, and with their local knowledge and experience with local regulations we can correctly and efficiently handle your shipments. Our professional air freight team have years of experience and they are IATA-certified. We can also handle all your hazardous goods.