DRIJA Trans SRL focuses on the logistics of shipping containers by road, rail and water. Because we have our own fleet of vehicles, the necessary equipment, a good technical network and an international team, we are flexibly and precisely to the needs of our customers. Every day 80 trucks, all equipped with satellite Eur 6, boardcomputer and ADR equipment, are routed throughout Europe.

Since 2015, we can also take care of shipments from Constanta and Odessa to any destination of your choice in the world.


We offer:

  • Reliable, neutral transport under the security requirements of TAPA EMEA and TSR 1.2 or 3
  • An effective and efficient supply chain
  • A good technical international network
  • International team in the languages English, German, Romanian and Dutch

DRIJA Transport SRL was founded in 2013 in Oradea. Additional offices in Constanta and Odessa opened their doors in 2015. From here we connect the Black Sea to the North Sea through road, railway and water.